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Featured Penton Projects

US Capitol Building

US Capitol Hill Complex

United States Capitol Police wanted to be able to use COTS equipment to provide UL2572 listed paging/messaging/alert throughout the Capitol Hill complex from the USCP operations via their secured network. The system had to utilize a custom GUI control, which they had to be able to edit and maintain in-house without reliance on outside entities or custom programming software. The GUI had to allow for dynamic zone paging/messaging to any single zone within a building, all zones within a single building, all zones in all buildings, or any combination thereof.
Broward County

Broward County Schools

BCPS wanted UL2572 listed control/supervision equipment for all the common area speakers in the High Schools throughout the district. BCPS had an initiative to upgrade and/or replace all the intercom systems throughout the district and needed a system that could work seamlessly with the new intercom systems - as well as provide the district with centralized fault monitoring and emergency messaging/live paging from their secured operations location. Each school has several local emergency paging stations as well as paging/bells/announcements via the local intercom system.

Cost Effective
Drag & Drop DSP

UAP G2 Internet Connected, Stackable DSP System

The UAP G2 is arguably the most cost effective DSP box on the market today. Featuring a full blown component library, including features such as stacking paging, page control, noise sensing mic, the unit is also stackable up to 12 units. Each unit also features Penton's unique programmable front knobs, an internet connection for remote monitoring and programming, and 20 minutes of digital messaging (at 16 kHz) with a scheduler built into the box. The UAP contains 16 inputs or outputs, selectable in blocks of 4.

Video Conferencing Solution

Fully Digital Networked DSP Conference System

The "State of the Art" SENATOR System is capable to process up to 504 microphones using a single DCP1000 DSP processor. It's superior and leading DSP algorithms will support each delegate unit to be individually processed for AGC, Volume, 8 Bands of PEQ and much more. The breathtaking technology of Mix-minus Auto Calibration and Voice Activated Gate including its total networkability which will even allow for the most complicated and decentralized conference applications.

A Solution to Mass-
Notification On a Budget

BOUTIQUE™ Integrated Scalable PA System

The Boutique system from ATEIS is a highly flexible, feature rich PA system targeting small to large installations offering full monitoring of speaker lines, microphones, and amplifiers. Based on the latest DSP processing technology, the Boutique expands from a single processor, capable of as little as 4 zones, to a large networked system capable of over 8,000 zones, making the Boutique suitable for a wide variety of applications.