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Cost Effective
Drag & Drop DSP

UAP G2 Internet Connected, Stackable DSP System

The UAP G2 is arguably the most cost effective DSP box on the market today. Featuring a full blown component library, including features such as stacking paging, page control, noise sensing mic, the unit is also stackable up to 12 units. Each unit also features Penton's unique programmable front knobs, an internet connection for remote monitoring and programming, and 20 minutes of digital messaging (at 16 kHz) with a scheduler built into the box. The UAP contains 16 inputs or outputs, selectable in blocks of 4.

Echo Cancellation &
So Much More...

ECS Networked Echo Cancellation System

The ECS is a professional audio processor developed for audio conferencing applications. Each input features independent echo cancellation with noise reduction effectively eliminating acoustic echo and ambient noise from lap fans, air-handling systems and other disturbances.

The ECS also contains a full blown DSP component library, telephone interface and an abundance of other features. It is also networkable up to 32 units.

Your Solution to Difficult Acoustic Environments

DSP Steerable Side-Lobe Free Line Arrays

Are you familiar with DSP steerable line arrays? Imagine a speaker that can provide 94 dB 210' down the isle and 94 dB (+/- 2 dB) at every point in between! Now make the sound field 145 degrees wide horizontally with 0 degrees vertical dispersion and you have the Messenger Series. These unique units feature the latest DSP technology and are based on a patented algorithmic technique, which makes it ideal for high quality speech and background music applications in highly reverberant acoustic environments.