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DSP Systems

LAP - Networked Programmable Digital Audio System


LAP-4 In 12 Out: 4 inputs-12 outputs Digital Audio System
LAP-8 In 8 Out: 8 inputs-8 outputs Digital Audio System
LAP-12 In 4 Out: 12 inputs-4 outputs Digital Audio System
LAP-16 In: 16 inputs Digital Audio System
LAP-16 Out: 16 outputs Digital Audio System

Designed for PRO Audio and Commercial applications, the LAPs are the first products to combine the following features in a single box:
  • Internal processing of audio signals can be fully programmed to suit the client's application.
  • Sonic excellence.
  • Impressive array of signal processing tools.
  • Easy to use PC software for system design and control (GUI).
  • Advanced Preset manager.
  • Powerful microphone paging and remote control functions.
  • Digital message player with scheduler.
  • EN60849 and BS5839 surveillance features.
  • CAT5 and fiber optic redundant audio networking capabilities.
  • Highly flexible input and output configurations.

Sonic excellence
The advanced 24 bits A/D and D/A converters, together with192kHz-capable audio processing and the two 600 Mflops DSP chips guarantee an excellent sound quality.

Impressive array of signal processing tools
The LAP are comprehensive systems which integrate pre-amplifier, compressor-limiter, equalizer, as well as matrixing and delay functions into one unit. Useful features like Automatic Gain Control, Feedback killers, Automatic Microphone mixers and Crossovers are also part of the LAP DSP components library. Internal processing of audio signals can be fully programmed to suit the client's application. Installers can select the audio processing feature(s) which they wish to apply to the various inputs and outputs from a library on their PC, using software provided with the LAP. Once the configuration process is complete, it can be loaded into the LAP. All configurations can be backed-up onto PC and loaded into the LAP as and when required.

Easy to use PC software for system design and control (GUI)
The LAP-DESIGNER PC software provides all the necessary tools to setup and control the hardware and software elements of the LAP. Advanced Preset manager
The LAP includes two types of presets:
  • 20 Parameter presets: they enable values of multiple parameters of the same design, such levels, gains, EQ, etc. to be restored either from the PC software, the remote controllers or the control inputs.
  • 10 Design presets: they enable completely different designs to be restored. An application example for this feature are hotel meeting rooms with removable walls.

Remote control functions
To maintain simple, secure and intuitive interfaces for operators, the LAP offers different types of remote controllers: Those custom control panels can run on one PC connected to the LAP network via the USB port of one of the LAP.

Analogue control inputs
The LAP has 10 (0to 5VDC) Analogue control inputs. Each control can be associated to any of the variable audio processing functions of the LAP (input level, output level, equalization, routing, preset change...) . Several parameters (Min + Max values, positive or negative variation, linear, log, anti-log) can be programmed for each of those controls.

8 Logic inputs, 8 Logic outputs (GPIOs)
Each LAP is equipped with 8 logic inputs (TTL)and 8 logic outputs (TTL). Each of those hardware input/output can be associated to virtually any software button the system designer requires. The logic inputs could be use to mute or activate an audio signal, load a preset or start a message while the logic outputs enable the LAP to control external equipment. The logic inputs can be used in normal or binary mode. The binary mode is providing the system designer with 64 different states.

RS-232 serial interfacing for third party control
The LAP can be controlled from third party equipment like AMX or Crestron via its RS232 serial port. Once the system designer has selected the software controls he wants to be controlled from the third party equipment, the LAP software will automatically generate the corresponding code for the AMX or Crestron devices. The RS232 link will also be used to control the ATEIS IDA voice alarm equipment from the LAP.

Microphone paging
The LAP can support several types of paging microphones.

CAT5 and fiber optic redundant audio networking capabilities
Ateis has developed its own audio networking system "Ateis-Net". This Ethernet based network is able to simultaneously transport 48 audio channels (32 bits, 48KHz sampling rate) with a latency < 1msec together with the necessary control data. For decentralized or big applications, an optional Ateis-Net networking card can be inserted inside the LAPs.
Thanks to its loop architecture, the Ateis-Net audio network is fully redundant. If a problem (Line open or shorted) occurs on a loop segment, it will be automatically isolated without affecting the system functionalities.
Up to 32 LAPs can be connected together on the same network. As the Network addresses are auto-negotiated, the network set up is very easy.

Digital message player
The LAPs can be fitted with an optional Digital Message board. This board will provide 30 min of MP3 (128Kbits-32KHz sampling) audio storage divided into an unlimited number of messages. Up to two audio messages can be played simultaneously per LAP.
The MP3 files are downloaded into the Flash Eprom of the board directly from the LAP PC setup software. The accepted MP3 format are: xxxxx
Those MP3 files are triggered either from an input contact, a remote controller or the Event scheduler.

Event scheduler
A comprehensive scheduler with true Calendar features can be programmed to trigger following events: preset change, any internal control change (level, EQ, delay...), TTL output activation, message activation with routing, power ON/OFF and serial link (RS232 + USB) command activation. The LAP internal clock can be synchronized with an external clock trough the LAP RS232 serial link.

EN60849 and BS5839 surveillance features
As an EN60849/BS5839 part 8 compliant product, all the internal hardware and software components of the LAP are monitored. All incidents are recorded into a data file and any detected faults are signaled by LEDs and output contact.
Furthermore, thanks to its secured external audio and data paths, the LAP is able to integrate with Ateis Voice alarm products, like the PSS microphones and SINAPS amplifiers and speaker lines monitoring systems.
Audio Inputs Audio input impedance: 10 kOhms (symmetrical, screw terminal)
Input sensitivity : 0dB, -24dB, -55dB (software selection)
Max input : +20dBU
Bandwidth : 18 Hz to 22 kHz
Phantom power soft config 48VDC (switchable to 24VDC jumper)
Audio Outputs Audio output impedance: 50 Ohms (symmetrical, screw terminal)
Bandwidth 18 Hz to 22 kHz
Max output +20dBU.
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.02% , +10dBu, 20~20kHz, unity gain, 20kHz BW
S/N : 110dB,re+20dBu,unity gain,22kHz BW
S/N : 105dB,re+20dBu,55dB gain,22kHz BW
Dynamic range : 110dB,re+20dBu,22kHz BW
Serial Connections RS232 port : for Ateis or third party equipment remote control
RS485 port: for Remote Controllers and Paging Microphones data control
USB slave: for PC control and set up + MP3 file download, the set up can be made from any LAP.
Fibre Networking Interface Connectors : ST
Fibre cable : Multimode 62.5/125um
Optical power budget : 10 dB
Max fibre length : 2000 meters
GPIOs 8 TTL inputs. Normal or binary coding (up to 256 status)
8 TTL output 0 to 5 VDC, Contact NO, NC
Analogue Control Inputs 10 analogue inputs : 0 to 5VDC
Size and Unit Metal unit 1 U 19 grey RAL 7016
L x W x D: 43 x 44 x 230 mm
Power Supply/Consumption Power supply:
AC : 100 to 240VAC 50/60Hz
DC : 21-28VDC
Consumption: 40VA (with networking and message board cards)
10VA in stand-by mode