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Senator Conference System   

Senator Conference System
The Senator Conference System provides the best of both worlds in installation, flexibility and performance. While utilizing a single CAT6 cable, up to 512 microphones per processor can be daisy chained and powered. But, despite the cost saving daisy chain configuration, each microphone can still be individually processed for EQ, AGC, etc. The key to making this possible is Xavtel’s high speed data network which allows the user to store each microphone’s settings in the processor and pull up those settings only when the microphone is engaged.

The Senator System also provides many other innovative functions. The daisy chain is in itself a closed loop system and should one link fail either due to a node (microphone) failure or a cut line, the system will still continue to function while an error message is displayed on the processor. Each microphone can be processed individually for EQ, feedback suppression, etc. and the software also includes an advanced voice gate that relies on the frequencies and inflictions of human voice and will only open for speech while filtering out other noises such as pens drummed on the table or doors slamming. The system also includes a sophisticated dynamic mix minus algorithm that automatically raises and lowers volumes in zones.

Several processors can also be linked together where each is capable of up to 512 microphones to create a truly large system of up to 16,000 microphones. In such instances, advanced auto-mixers can manage priority settings for individual microphones between auto-mixers, creating multiple room-combine systems or one enormous network.

System accessories include 6 channel digital amplifiers connecting to the system via a single CAT6 carrying data, audio, and amplifier supervision over a single line. Voting pads and RFID readers are also part of the accessory range as well as AEC cards for remote intercom and teleconferencing via analogue or VoIP. With up-to 96 simultaneous audio channels, the system can easily be adapted to handle interpretation as well as conference capabilities.
Senator Conference System
  • Loop wired architecture with star wired benefits.
  • Process up to 512 microphones individually from one DSP processor.
  • Unique voice activated gate for human voice.
  • Individual mic processing for Voice Gate, AGC, PEQ, volume, priority , feedback suppression, etc.
  • Redundant microphone network architecture with up to 48 ~ 96 channels audio.
  • Distance between microphones Junction box up to 330'(100M)- CAT5 or 600'(2KM) using fiberoptic.
  • The system auto-calibrates for mix-minus and provides gain-sharing mixer.
  • Interpretation integrated in same system, no optional IR system required.
  • Touch panel chairman microphone for full system and participant control.
  • Optional RF ID card reader and voting pad for each microphone.
  • Up to 32 Processors can be networked together for up to 16,384 microphones.
  • CE and UL listed.
Each DCP-1000 Limits
Maximum number of microphone : 512
Maximum number of amplifier in total : 64
Maximum no. of DCP-1000 cascaded : 32

System Audio Characteristics
Frequency Response : 40Hz~16KHz +0/-1dB
THD+N (40Hz~16KHz@0dBu) : 0.05%
Dynamic Range(40Hz~16KHz,0dB) : >94dB
Crosstalk (Between XLR and RCA @1KHz)
@ 0dB Gain , +3dBu In : < -85dB
@48dB Gain , -45dBu In : < -75dB
Sample rate : 48KHz
A/D-D/A Converters : 24Bit
XLR/Microphone Input
EIN(40Hz~16KHz @48dB Gain,0dBu In) : < -116dBu
Maximum Input Level : 12dBu
Input impedance : 10KΩ
Input Gain Range (12dB Steps) : 0~48dB
Phantom Power : +24V
RCA/Line Input
Maximum Input Level : 12dBu
Input impedance : 10KΩ
XLR/Line Output
Maximum Output Level : 12dBu
Output impedance : 100Ω
RCA/Line Output
Maximum Output Level : 12dBu
Output impedance : 100Ω

8 conference microphone audio channels
88 interpretation channels
More than 70 ISO standard languages for interpretation
Characteristic Auto-Mixer,Voice Gate,AGC,PEQ&Filter

Power source
Mains power(100~240Vac 50/60Hz) :

Operating Temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)

Dimensions (W x D x H): 482 mm x 210 mm x 44 mm
Weight: 2.5Kg (5.5 lbs)

Windows XP
Windows vista
Windows 7

Architects’ and Engineers’ Specifications
The conference system shall be able to process up to 1000 microphones using a single DSP conferencing processor. The microphones shall be wired in a loop configuration using standard CAT-5 or CAT-6 cable. Each microphone shall be individually processed for AGC, volume, 8 bands of PEQ, and priority. Each microphone shall utilize a voice gate sensing not just the dB input, but also differentiate between human voice and other sounds. Each 8 microphones shall be able to be grouped into an 8x9 gain-sharing auto-mixer and feedback suppression.

Internal system software shall be with an auto set-up feature for automatic layout of larger systems. Ethernet communication shall be utilized for local or remote software control, configuration and software control. After initial programming, the system shall have the option of being monitored by TCP/IP or RS 232 serial communication by third party control systems (such as AMX, Crestron), by PC computer. Software shall operate on a PC computer running Windows Vista, 7 or higher.

The system shall be able to provide local amplification using a digital 6 channel amplifier connected to the DSP processor via a single CAT5 cable. After initial system set-up, the mix shall auto-calibrate for mix-minus applications. The system shall be expandable to up-to 32 processors and 64 amplifiers and provides 96 audio channel on microphone loop for interpretation and conferencing use.

The system should provide the recording function via USB, Ethernet and analog audio output. Optional card readers/voting pads shall be connected to each microphone for participant identification and voting purposes.An optional AEC card should be used for remote conferencing via VoIP and phone line between systems in different location.

SENATOR Spec Sheet