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60 and 120 Watt Mixer / Amplifiers

AMP60 / AMP120
The Penton Audio Ateis Line of 6-channel transistor-powered mixer/amplifiers designed for use in permanent commercial sound installations. Versatile models are conservatively rated at 60 and 120-watts RMS into 25-volt, 70.7-volt, 4-ohm and/or 8-ohm loads.

Features include separate treble and bass controls, microphone, telephone, and program input with built-in program-muting circuitry. Inputs and outputs are via dependable screw terminals, RCA jacks, or XLR inputs.

All models rest on four durable cushioned pads and are finished in black with easy-to-read, white-on-black knobs. Output protection consists of current limiting, transient suppression of diodes and circuit breakers. Models have a 16-guage CRS chassis with detachable power cord, 6' in length.
AMP60 / AMP120
  • Choose 60 or 120-watt Models
  • Microphone, Telephone and Program Inputs
  • Use in 25/70.7-volt and 4/8-ohm Systems
  • Program Muting Circuitry
  • Separate Treble and Bass Tone Controls
AMP60 / AMP120
Power Output: AMP60: 60 Watts
AMP120: 120 Watts
Distortion: Less Than 1% at Rated Output
Frequency Response: Program: 40-15kHz +/- 1 dB
Telephone: 40-15kHz +/- 1 dB
Microphone: 50-15kHz +/- 1 dB
Hum and Noise (Below -44 DBM): Program Input: -75 dB
Telephone Input: -75 dB
Microphone Input: -55 dB
Gain: Program Input: 55 dB
Telephone Input: 55 dB
Microphone Input: 107 dB
Muting: Microphones: Mic 1 VOX Priority over channel 326, with mute defeat button
Tel. Input: VOX Priority muting over channel 126
Sensitivity Control: Channel 1-5 on front panel and channel 6 on rear panel.
Input and Output Connection: Channel 1-5: choose screw terminal, XLR, or RCA
Channel 6: RCA only
Output: Screw Terminal
Input and Output Connection: Screw Terminals
Mounts: Four Cushioned Pads (provided) or RB-1 Optional Rack-Mount Accessory
Power Supply: Switchable 120-240 Volts
Supplied AC Outlet: One Grounded 120-volt (300 Watts maximum)
Circuit Breaker Protection:
Adjustment Knobs: Plastic-Black Trimmed in White
Housing Material: Cold Rolled Steel
Finish: Black
Dimensions, Inch (MM): 17"W x 3.5"H x 13.5"D
Net Weight LBS (KGS): AMP60: 17 lbs
AMP120: 19 lbs
AMP60 / AMP120
Models were designed with the accurate reproduction of voice announce, paging and background music in mind. They are ideally suited for applications such as restaurants, country clubs, halls, sports venues, factories, retail stores, warehouse, churches, transportation facilities, and other public areas

The program section receives stereo inputs from cassette recorders, CD players, TVs or broadcast transmission and reproduces it in monaural. An aux RCA jack is provided to accept post preamplifier sources.