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DSP Systems

Messenger Series - DSP Steerable Line Array

The Messenger series is a range of fully digital sidelobe-free speaker array. These unique units feature the latest technology and are based on a patented algorithmic technique, which makes it ideal for high quality speech and background music applications, especially in reverberant acoustic environments where it is difficult to meet contractual speech intelligibility requirements.

Each Messenger array has a very tightly controlled beam, which can be shaped as required for specific applications or environments requiring symmetrical or asymmetrical, single, dual or triple lobe design. The availability of high powered DSP's such as the Texas Instruments™ which provides 24 channels of precise control by means of additional process channels, results in a very powerful array, where the SPL stays within +/- 3 dB over a distance of 100 m.

The Messenger range is completely software controlled, this lobe control/variable acoustical centre can compensate for architectural requirements and can be easily adapted for specific types of application. Its flexible mounting height of between 1.2 and 4m above ground level ensures the array can be securely positioned out of reach.

The Messenger series offers a Q factor of up to 72, (10 V by 145 H) or even higher with smaller vertical opening angles up to 5 degrees, which compares very favorably with good horn loudspeakers. Good horn loudspeakers are noted for their directional characteristics (but normally within significantly smaller horizontal opening angles and therefore covering range). Equal coverage and no side lobes create a precisely controlled listening field and high intelligibility with a maximum signal to reverb ratio.

The Messenger series is ideal for use in Life-Safety applications where special requirements are necessary for Voice Evacuation systems. Each Messenger is equipped standard with a 24 VDC battery backup input, amplifier and loudspeaker-element surveillance based on internal HF-carrier detection. 20 kHz input signal surveillance on audio input 2 is provided on an optional expansion board. (SD-1) The Messenger arrays are one of the only active array's that can be used for these specialty type of sound-applications where high intelligibility is the No.1 priority!
  • 5 different sizes
    • Messenger M - 12 active drivers
    • Messenger L - 18 active drivers
    • Messenger XL - 24 active drivers
    • Messenger 2L - 32 active drivers
    • Messenger 2 XL - 48 active drivers
  • Fully digital sidelobe-free speaker array.
  • Triple-lobe feature for the ultimate accuracy in lobe design.
  • Tightly controlled beam, up to 5 degrees, which can be shaped in nine steps to meet each specific application or environment.
  • A-symmetrical and Symmetrical arrangement by means of software control.
  • Integrated DSP control with 7 band parametric EQ, noise gate, delay rooms, peak limiter, VOX-control on priority input and level raising microphone for ambient noise sensing.
  • Adaptable ACOUSTIC centre. Acoustic centre can be freely moved over the array to match lobe shape with the listening area.
  • Q factor of >72 (10 V x 145 H).
  • Equal coverage and no side lobes results in a precisely controlled listening field and high intelligibility even with a minimum S/N ratio.
  • Designed to be environmentally friendly in build and application.
  • Equipped for Voice evacuation applications.
  • 24 VDC input for battery backup, 20 kHz Input surveillance. Internal HF carrier loudspeaker surveillance.
  • Ambient noise sensor. Temperature sensor with frost protection. Battery surveillance. Fault report contacts.
  • RS485 data bus for full detailed status report and PC based remote setup (up to 32 Messengers on the bus).
  • EASE DLL, for advanced room acoustic simulations.
  • SPL stays within +/- 2 dB variation over a distance of at least 180'.
The Messenger Series features the latest technology based on a patented algorithmic technique and is designed for high quality speech and background music applications in reverberant acoustic environments where it is difficult to meet contractual speech intelligibility requirements.

The Messenger has been successfully installed in a wide variety of venues including churches, airports, school gym auditoriums, soccer stadiums, shopping malls, and conference facilities.

In combination with the patented bass array from ATEIS frequencies as low as 35 Hz can be controlled for superior frequency response and audio quality even in concert venues.

In applications where ceiling height and cost restrictions prevents the use of the Bass Array, a regular powered subwoofer will add musicality and low frequency response to any venue.

The Messenger Series is more flexible than earlier array technology because of the 'Linear-Spacing' technique and is easy to install without a direct need for lobe fine tuning. It offers consistently high sound quality across the coverage area and, because the sound is restricted to the area required, it can be louder than in earlier array technology.