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Speaker Systems

8" Twin Cone Open-Ceiling Speaker Systems

The Penton Audio LBC8T and LBC8+T Series are economical wide-range assemblies designed for open-ceiling applications. Each includes a loudspeaker, ransformer in an enclosure with beam clamps fastened to the rear.

This series uses proven 8" self-edged twin-cone loudspeakers. The LBC8+T speaker uses an impressive 10-ounce magnet. Both have 70.7/25-volt transformers with 5, 2, 1, 0.5 and 0.25-watt taps.

The steel enclosure volume is 295 cubic inches. Connecton is made via, 5-conductor wire. Attached is a heavygauge CRS grille using mounting studs to show only 4 surface screws. Models are offered in non-reflecting ceiling white (-W) and black (-B).
  • Beam Clamps Hold Speaker Assemblies Secure to I-Beams and Girders
  • Easy to Install
  • Twin-Cone Speaker for Good High-frequency Dispersion
  • Dual 70.7/25-volt Xfrmr for Use in Most Applications
  • Choose White or Black
Cone speaker size: 8" (203 mm)
Frequency response: 60 - 20,000 Hz +/- 6dB
Power handling (Raw Driver): LBC8T72: 10 watts
LBC7+T72: 15 watts
SPL @ 1w 1m: LBC8T72: 95 db
LBC7+T72: 96 db
Dispersion @ 2 kHz (6 dB Down): 100 degrees
Directivity Q Factor @ 2 kHz: 6.90
Cone Design: Twin Cone
Cone Material: Paper
Magnet Weight: LBC8T72: 5.34 oz
LBC7+T72: 10 oz
Transformer Max Insertion Loss: 1.5 dB
Connection: Via Wire Nuts
Approvals: CE
70.7-Volt Transformer Taps / Impedance: Yellow: 5 Watts / 1K
Green: 2 Watts / 2.5K
Blue: 1 Watt / 5K
Violet: 0.5 Watt / 10K
White: 0.25 Watt / 20K
Black: Common / n/a
25-Volt Transformer Taps / Impedance: Brown: 5 Watts / 125
Red: 2 Watts / 312
Orange: 1 Watt / 625
Yellow: 0.625 Watt / 1K
Green: 0.25 Watt / 2.5K
Black: Common / n/a
Supplied Mounting Accessories: 2 Attached Beam Clamps
Baffle / Enclosure Material: Steel
Epoxy Powder-Coated Finish: Suffix: (-W) Indicates White
Suffix: (-B) Indicates Black
Dimensions, Inch (MM): 12.62 x 5.9 (321 x 150)
Net Weight LBS (KGS): LBC8T: 4.74 (2.15)
LBC8+T: 5.29 (2.4)
The LBC Series clamps have been designed to mount directly to I-Beams and girders for indoor, open-ceiling applications. Mounting is easy and self explanatory.

All models are equally effective for background music, voice transmission, music and signal reproduction. They are excellent for commercial, industrial and institutional installations. Applications start with open-ceiling retail stores with a warehouse look and include schools manufacturing offices and wherever precise transmission of audio is required.