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Horns / Sound Projectors

MSH Series Large Format Music Horns

Penton Audio's MSH60T and MSH30T are full-range, short throw, all-weather music projectors designed to be used in 70.7-volt systems. The sturdy ABS housing is protected from the elements with molded-in UV inhibitors, a bird/insect screen and stainless steel hardware.

Low frequencies are reproduced by a 6-1/2" backward firing cone speaker complete with a rubber surround (treated to withstand moisture), while a horn tweeter reproduces the high frequencies. These models offer long-term reliability and even coverage for distributed audio.

Access to the internal connector block is via a cap secured with a Phillips-head screw. A gland nut allows a 9 mm diameter cable entry and a silicone "O" ring seals the unit from the rear. Visually identical, each is finished in non-reflecting cool gray with a matching aluminum "U" bracket.
  • Wide Frequency Response for Voice or Contemporary Music
  • 116 dB or 112 dB Output
  • Short-Throw Dispersion
  • ABS Housing Weather-Sealed for Outdoor Use
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
Speakers HF: Moving Coil Tweeter
LF: 6-1/2" (165 mm)
Frequency Response: MSH60T: 190-20,000Hz +/- 5 dB
MSH30T: 190-18,000 Hz +/- 5 dB
Power Handling (Raw Driver) MSH60T: 75 Watts
MSH30T: 40 Watts
SPL @ 1w 1m MSH60T: 99 dB
MSH30T: 97 dB
SPL @ Full Power, 1m MSH60T: 116 dB
MSH30T: 111 dB
Dispersion @ 2 kHz (6 dB Down) 112 degrees (V) x 90 degrees (H)
Directivity Q Factor @ 2 kHz 6.5
Lo-Frequency Speaker Design Singal Cone
Cone Material Coated Paper with Rubber Surround
Magnet Weight LF: 17 oz
HF: 11 oz
Transformer Max Insertion Loss 0.5 dB
70.7-Volt Transformer Taps (Watts) MSH60T: 60, 30, 15, 7.5
MSH30T: 30, 15, 7.5 3,75
70.7-Volt Transformer Impedance MSH60T: 83, 167, 333, 667
MSH30T: 167, 333, 667, 1.33k
Connection Internal Terminal Block with Gland Entry for 20 mm Cable
Supplied Mounting Accessories Stainless Steel Bracket Bolts
Housing Material Molded ABS with UV Inhibitor
Accessory Included Stainless Steel Bird/Insect Screen
Finish Cool Gray
Approvals CE; IP65
Dimensions, Inch (MM) 17.40 x 10.24 x 12 (w/gland nut) (442 x 260 x 305)
Net Weight LBS (KGS) MSH60T: 13.21 (6.0)
MSH30T: 12.2 (5.5)
The MSH series has been developed for situations requiring cost-effective quality sound at high sound pressure levels (SPL) in occasional unfriendly weather conditions.

They are ideal for sporting and recreational areas including public pools, fairs, celebrations, park districts as well as athletic venues such as tennis courts, baseball/football/soccer fields and competitive stadiums of all types. Commercial industrial uses include transportation hubs, corporate picnic areas, factories and outdoor showrooms including auto dealership lots.